National Hoops Philippines follows 2 schedules. Please check your event page under "Upcoming Events" to see which schedule the tournament will follow.

The Saturday schedule is as follows:

9:30    Check-In / Warm-up
10:00  Welcome and Rules Orientation
10:15  Round Robin / First Round of Double Elimination

11:30  Deadline for registration of new teams or players
12:00  Free Lunch and Gospel Message
1:30    Final Rounds of Double Elimination
3:00    Championship Games
4:30    Awards

The Thursday/Friday schedule is as follows:

4:30   Check-In / Warm-up
5:00   Welcome and Rules Orientation
5:15   Round Robin /First Round of Double Elimination

7:00   Deadline for registration of new teams or players
7:30   Free Snack and Gospel Message
8:30   Final Rounds of Double Elimination
9:30   Championship Games
10:00 Awards