General Rules 


This is a Christian Tournament. Submitting your name on an entry form signifies your willingness to abide by the National Hoops Code of Conduct.

  • Do not play music from any music device at the tournament.

  • Do not use tobacco or drugs in any form.

  • Do not bring alcohol.

  • Do not curse.

  • Do not fight or use bad sportsmanship.

  • Give respect to all staff, especially game officials.

  • Take care of tournament property. Do not litter.

  • There will be a gospel message. Give your attention to the speaker and respect the Word of God.

  • Please stay until after the gospel message is complete. Leaving early will eliminate you from awards and cause your team to forfeit. 

Game Rules


  • All games are officiated.

  • The 1st part will be a Round Robin format. The 2nd part will be the double elimination tournament.

  • Jump Ball will begin play.

  • The length of games will be determined by the number of teams entering.

  • Any change of possession requires  a take back (e.g. steal, rebound, including after a jump ball)

  • All throw-ins must be made from the top of the key and it must be a pass in.

  • After a made basket, the opposing team will take it out. Allowing the opposing team to �hold� the ball is not required.

  • Teams of 3 that lose a player must play with 2 players.
  • The clock will run except for the final rounds  when it stops on dead balls.
  • Overtime periods will only be used in Double Elimination and will be 1 minute.
  • Only team fouls are recorded. After the 4th team foul, the fouled player gets 1 free-throw with normal free throw rules. (The shooting player has only 5 seconds to shoot)
  • If a basket is scored on the foul, the fouled player still gets a free-throw with normal rules.
  • Score is kept by 2s and 3s.
  • Stalling with the lead is not permitted and will result in a loss of possession.
  • Players may not change teams once the tournament begins.
  • Subbing in can be done at any time.
  • Jewelry may not be worn during games.

  • A held ball results in an NBA style jump ball.